Proclamation: Prince Charles becomes King Charles III. - Politics


Michael Neudecker,London

Excuse me, the woman says to one of the many security guards in the neon yellow signal jackets on the mall to Buckingham Palace, can you get to the palace? "Of course," replies the polite steward, "but it could be busy up there," which is the British euphemism for forget it. At the weekend, a steady stream of people flowed down the Mall, the long, wide avenue from Trafalgar Square to the Palace, although it may well be that the stream has never completely stopped since Thursday evening. The death of queen elizabeth II. is taking over the whole country, soccer games are cancelled, no music is played at festivals, parliament is taking a ten-day break. Instead, many Britons go to the palace to lay flowers. There are so many that they have long since declared the adjacent Green Park to be the official flower storage area.

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