Proceedings against Schröder: SPD local associations want to contest the decision

MSeveral SPD local associations want the decision of an SPD arbitration commission in the proceedings against the former chancellor Gerhard Schröder contest At least six of the 17 SPD branches that started the party order proceedings against Schröder want to appeal or have already done so, as the newspaper “Rheinische Post” reported on Saturday. So far, four SPD branches have refrained from appealing, while the others have not yet made a decision.

Almost two weeks ago, the responsible arbitration committee of the SPD sub-district Hanover decided that he had been criticized for his involvement in Russia former chancellor may continue to remain a party member and does not receive any reprimands.

According to the “Rheinische Post”, six local SPD associations or district associations have now decided to appeal this decision: Bochum-Schmechtingtal, Mettmann, Essen-Frohnhausen/Altendorf, Mülheim-Heißen/Heimaterde,leutebach and Leipzig-Ost/Nordost.

“We interpret the statements made by former Chancellor Schröder very differently from the Arbitration Commission. That’s why we think it’s right to go to the next higher authority,” said the chairman of the local association in Mülheim, Daniel Mühlenfeld, of the newspaper. Pierre Orthen from theleutenbach local association said: “We wanted the process to end differently. Gerhard Schröder’s behavior is damaging to the party.”

The Heidelberg district association and the local associations in Wathlingen, Lauchringen and Bad Zwischenahn, which were among the applicants in the first procedure, are not seeking an appeal. “With our application to exclude Gerhard Schröder from the party, we have clearly documented how reprehensible and at the same time shameful we consider Schröder’s behavior to be and that this is in no way compatible with the values ​​of the SPD,” said one of the local club chairmen in Bad Zwischenahn, Dirk Hinrichs.

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