Princess Kate: Nice encounter with Ukrainian children

Princess Kate
Nice encounter with Ukrainian children

Royal meeting: Princess Kate and the five-year-old Ukrainian.

Royal meeting: Princess Kate and the five-year-old Ukrainian.

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Princess Kate has made friends in her hometown with a five-year-old Ukrainian who appears to be a big fan of hers.

princess Kate (40) had particularly heartwarming moments with Ukrainian children at an appointment in her home country and made a fashion statement of solidarity.

In your Hometown in Reading, Kate visited a community center for Ukrainians. For the appointment, she chose a dark blue midi dress with yellow dots – the colors of the country currently dominated by war. Upon arrival, she was greeted with a traditional Ukrainian bread and salt.

During the visit, the princess took part in an art class for children part. A girl was allowed to sit on her lap. During the cuddle session, the five-year-old gave her a picture she had drawn that read, “I love you Kate.”

“I wish we could do more”

Kate also met women from Ukraine and listened to their stories, reports the “Daily Mail”. A mother tearfully told her about fleeing with her three-year-old son while her husband continued to fight at the border. Princess Kate tried to comfort: “It’s understandable after everything you’ve been through, I wish we could do more.”

Kate also listened to the center’s volunteers explain how they’ve adapted their work in recent months to help refugee families settle into Britain.


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