Princess Kate finds her engagement photos laughable

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“Oh my goodness”: Kate laughs when she sees her engagement photos

Duchess Kate kisses Prince William at a polo match in Windsor.

Duchess Kate kisses Prince William at a polo match in Windsor.

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Kate and William have now been married for eleven years. When the two now look at the pictures from back then with their three children, they have to smile.

Kate and William became engaged on safari in Kenya in 2010. Official pictures of the couple were also taken and shown to the public for the occasion. Kate is seen in a royal blue wrap dress with a large engagement ring and William in a dark suit with a purple tie. The ring is a very special one: it is Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring.

Kate and William

A picture from Kate and William’s engagement photo series from 2010

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Now Kate, who is now Princess of Wales, was asked about exactly these pictures. In a clip that can be seen on TikTok, she also tells how her three children George, Charlotte and Louis have reacted. When they saw the pictures they said: “Mom, you look so young”. But Kate and William also have to laugh now when they look at the photos, the magazine quotes as saying “US Weekly“.

The two are currently on their first royal dates following the death of Queen Elizabeth II in the Welsh cities of Anglesey and Swansea. A large number of well-wishers had gathered there and Kate was in the mood for a little chat with those present.

Princess Kate and William are on dates in Wales

There are numerous comments under the clip on TikTok. “How wonderful she is” or “I would have loved to have been there too”. Some even compare them to Princess Diana.

Kate and William met while studying at the University of St. Andrews. At the time, William was voted the “most desirable single in the country”, including the “mirror” reported. Because of William, the apartment prices in St. Andrews had skyrocketed at the time: young female students in particular wanted to live near him. Kate was a roommate in his flat share and persuaded him to continue studying in the small Scottish town.

At first nothing was to be suspected of the later love story: “Between Kate and William Nothing romantic is happening because she has a boyfriend,” Spiegel Online quoted the British media as saying at the time.

Source: “US Weekly“, tik tok, Mirror Online from 2002 .

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