Princess Charlene: Palace in Monaco comments on rumors of separation

Princess Charlene: Palace in Monaco comments on rumors of separation

Rare statement: Palace in Monaco comments on separation rumors about Charlene and Albert

Charlene of Monaco

Charlene of Monaco knows the rumors that are being spread about her

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There are always rumors of separation of Prince Albert and Princess Charlène. But this time it’s different. Even the palace spoke out.

Stands as the head of state of Monaco Prince Albert under constant observation. Every detail of his relationship with his wife Charlène is also analyzed.

Recently there was speculation about a possible separation of the two: on his 65th birthday, Prince Albert appeared with his twins Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques on the palace balcony. But Charlene was missing.

The article, which was subsequently published by the French magazine “Royauté”, was widely quoted and often shared on social media. So often that even the Monegasque palace spoke up.

Charlene of Monaco: Palace comments on separation rumors

This is quite something special, because such rumors are not new. Only the palace has held back with statements in the past. In an interview with the portal “Royal Central”, the press office of the palace formally rejected “the malicious rumors of the French magazine Royauté”. They are described as “completely unfounded”.

In spring 2021 there was speculation about a separation for the first time: Charlène had traveled to her native South Africa and stayed there for several months. Later it became known that this had not happened voluntarily. According to media reports, Charlène contracted a serious ear, nose and throat infection that even had to be operated on.

Months later, she returned to her family in Monaco, but only stayed there briefly. A rehabilitation stay in a Swiss clinic was still necessary before she was able to live her usual life again in spring 2022.

In May 2022, Charlène gave one of her rare interviews. She said to the “Monaco Matin”: “After my return to the Principality, I focused all my energy on my children, my husband and my health, because they are my priority. My health is still very fragile and I don’t want to rush anything.” The road was “long, difficult and painful”.

In the conversation, she also revealed how she thinks about the rumors about herself in the media: “We are human like everyone else and like everyone else we have emotions and weaknesses, only our family is exposed in the media and every little weakness disseminated.”

That’s how she should think about the current rumors.

Source: “Royal Central“, “Monaco Matine

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