Price jump at the pump

An Germany’s gas stations there has been a jump in prices again. Diesel has increased in price by 11 cents per liter within a week. Super petrol also increased significantly, as the ADAC car club announced on Monday. The reasons for the trend reversal after around a month of falling prices are likely to be the rising oil price and rising demand for diesel and heating oil. The car club still considers the prices to be significantly too high. Diesel cost 2.121 euros per liter on a nationwide daily average on Sunday. That was 11 cents more than a week earlier. E10 premium petrol cost 1.933 euros per liter, an increase of 5.4 cents. Most of the gains came in the second half of the week, after the oil alliance OPEC plus decided to cut production. As a result, oil prices rose significantly.

The previous time, the fuel prices had risen significantly with the end of the tank discount on September 1st.

Diesel significantly more expensive than Super E10

“Two weeks ago we were still moving in small steps towards normalization with petrol, now the situation has turned around,” said ADAC petrol specialist Jürgen Albrecht. “Since the OPEC decision last week, the price of diesel in particular has risen disproportionately. Although there are special effects, such as the increasing demand for heating oil and the need of the industry as a gas substitute, this does not explain why the price has jumped so much.”

Due to the particularly strong increase in diesel, the fuel is now 18.8 cents more expensive than E10. That’s a record – if you ignore the phase of the temporary tax cut, which was much more severe for petrol than for diesel. “One shouldn’t forget that diesel is actually taxed more than 20 cents lower,” emphasizes Albrecht.

Last week it was decided: The world is worried about an energy crisis – and the oil countries are turning off the oil tap. For the first time since the pandemic, the representatives of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and their allies (OPEC plus) met again physically and not just virtually in Vienna last Wednesday. Also present was Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak.

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