Preview: TV tips on Wednesday |

Preview: TV tips on Wednesday |

TV tips on Wednesday

"Our wonderful years": Bijan (Omid Memar) and Betty (Ella Lee) are on the road without the knowledge of Betty's parents.

“Our Wonderful Years”: Bijan (Omid Memar) and Betty (Ella Lee) are on the road without the knowledge of Betty’s parents.

© WDR/UFA Fiction/Martin Valentin Menke

8:15 p.m., The First, Our Wonderful Years, drama series

The youth goes to the barricades and Bijan (Omid Memar) into bed with the mayor’s daughter Betty (Ella Lee). Christel (Katja Riemann) also catches fire for the guest worker Matteo (Valerio Morigi), although this must remain a top secret. Things are not looking good for Wolf-Werke: Margot (Anna-Maria Mühe) and Christel are desperately looking for savings, but the bank wants a merger with the competition. Christel refuses to give up the family business and to dismiss the guest workers with their uncertain contracts.

8:15 p.m., RTL, The Bachelor, Dome Soap

Already at the beginning of the new date week, the Bachelor an advance rose – but who gets it is not decided by himself, but by the women. Cat war inevitable? After six ladies meet David in a beach bar on the next group date, three of them can look forward to mini single dates. Sportiness is required for the following group date in the skate park – before the first kiss of the season falls.

8:15 p.m., Sat.1, The 1% Quiz – How clever is Germany?, Quiz show

Quiz master Jörg Pilawa tests the knowledge of the Germans: How clever are the 100 candidates in the studio compared to the rest of Germany? In order to determine this, representative surveys are carried out in advance. Who manages to answer the very last question correctly, the answer to which only 1% of Germans know on average? The winner can look forward to up to 100,000 euros.

8:15 p.m., kabel eins, Matrix Reloaded, sci-fi thriller

Zion, humanity’s last enclave, is under siege by the army of machines. According to the oracle, only one can avert the impending doom – Neo (Keanu Reeves)! Along with Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) and Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne), Neo returns to the Matrix to battle the enemy with a complex arsenal of weapons. But her worst rival, Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving), surprises with a new ability: by reproducing himself as often as he likes, he puts Neo and his clone army in great danger.

8:15 p.m., ZDFneo, Wilsberg: The man at the window, thriller

After a celebration becomes a Woman Found badly injured on the street. Ekki’s car is nearby. Anna Springer (Rita Russek) arrests Ekki (Oliver Korittke), who is hung over, but he refuses to testify. However, Wilsberg (Leonard Lansink) does not believe that Ekki committed a hit and run. He meets Klas Teunissen (Jörg Schüttauf), an old school friend. This assures him that Ekki was not behind the wheel. But Ekki suddenly claims that Wilsberg drove the car himself. Something is wrong here.


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