Preview: TV tips on Saturday |

Preview: TV tips on Saturday |

TV tips on Saturday

"A strong team: In the name of the people": Linett (Stefanie Stappenbeck) looks at the jewelry that Otto (Florian Mar

“A strong team: In the name of the people”: Linett (Stefanie Stappenbeck) looks at the pieces of jewelry that Otto (Florian Martens) found.

© ZDF/Katrin Knoke

8:15 p.m., ZDF, A strong team: In the name of the people, thriller

Two unidentified men rob a jewelry store. They shoot the owner and take the young trainee Leonie Seidel (Valerie Sophie Körfer) hostage. The team begins investigating. Alexander Brösser (Vincent Krüger) is one of the perpetrators who could be identified using fingerprints in the getaway car. Thanks to Otto (Florian Martens) and Linett (Stefanie Stappenbeck), Brösser is on trial again, but is surprisingly acquitted for lack of evidence. Shortly thereafter he is dead.

8:15 p.m., RTL, Germany is looking for the superstar, casting show

Europe’s most successful talent show goes into the anniversary season. 20 years of “Germany is looking for the superstar” – Dieter Bohlen should of course not be missing, the pop titan also knows that: “’DSDS’? The D stands for Dieter!” Big voices, extravagant free spirits and all with a wink – that’s “DSDS”. In addition, a Dieter Bohlen, as we know and love him. In short: Everything that the “DSDS” fans love, they get back for the anniversary.

8:15 p.m., the first, the big hit farewell, show

Florian Silbereisen presents the big farewell show for Jürgen Drews. The king of Mallorca is on stage with Florian Silbereisen for the very last time. Once again he sings his hits, once again he celebrates an unforgettable Eurovision show party – together with Maite Kelly, Roland Kaiser, Ben Zucker, Ross Antony, Mickie Krause, Melissa Naschenweng, Thomas Anders, David Hasselhoff, Andy Borg, Beatrice Egli, Andreas Gabalier and many other stars!

8:15 p.m., Tele5, Faraway – Love After Life, Fantasy Drama

After his fatal car accident, Michael (Andy Karl) ends up with the mysterious Scarlett (Christina Ricci). She explains to him that his soul must not ascend to heaven alone, he must fall in love. Dating was already difficult when you were alive. How is that supposed to be after death? Michael has to learn the complicated rules again – and he has to find a partner who, like him, is stuck between heaven and earth.

8:15 p.m., VOX, RIPD – Rest In Peace Department, fantasy action comedy

Hard-nosed Boston cop Nick Walker (Ryan Reynolds) is shot dead by his corrupt partner Bobby (Kevin Bacon) one day and finds himself in heaven. In the office of the RIPD, the “Rest in Peace Department”, his new boss Procter (Mary-Louise Parker) explains to him what his future tasks as a heavenly detective will be. Nick is supposed to track down undead souls, so-called “deados”, on earth and bring them to their last destination. For his new job, Nick is paired with the extremely gnarly Marshall Roy Pulsipher (Jeff Bridges).


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