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TV tips on Monday

"Under other circumstances: Demons": Arne Brauner (Martin Brambach) shows Jana Winter (Natalia Wörner) the number on his cell phone

“Under Different Circumstances: Demons”: Arne Brauner (Martin Brambach) shows Jana Winter (Natalia Wörner) the calls from Axel on his cell phone.

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8:15 p.m., ZDF, Under Different Circumstances: Demons, Crime

Jana Winters (Natalia Wörner) is called to an operation by Arne Brauner (Martin Brambach): The wife and daughter of Arne’s school friend Axel Schreiber (Johannes Zeiler) have disappeared. All tracks end in the sea. When fishermen find the child’s doll and jacket in the water, all hope seems lost. But then the sudden twist: a call that Hulda (Alexandra Finder) is missing from her language school. Her husband did not know about such a school.

8:15 p.m., Sat.1, Abi ’97 – felt like back then, comedy

The friends Piet (Rick Kavanian), Jochen (Axel Stein), Lisa (Diana Amft), Maria (Jana Pallaske) and Christian (Tom Beck) graduated from high school together 20 years ago and then lost touch. Now they meet again in the classroom, because their Abitur was revoked because of a formal error. From now on it’s not just about cramming, but also reminiscing – and making important decisions for life.

8:15 p.m., ONE, Kebab Connection, comedy

Bruce Lee is the idol! Hip-hop fan Ibo (Denis Moschitto) dreams of making a kung fu film. But first there are commercials for Uncle Ahmet’s (Hasan Ali Mete) snack bar. They hit his neighborhood like a bomb. All of Ibo’s dreams descend into chaos when Titzi (Nora Tschirner), Ibo’s girlfriend, becomes pregnant. She and his parents really get behind him.

8:15 p.m., kabel eins, Batman Begins, superhero drama

As a young boy, Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) witnesses the murder of his parents and is raised by his butler Alfred (Michael Caine). He goes to Asia and is introduced to martial arts by Henri Ducard and Ra’s al Ghul. When he learns that Gotham City is to be wiped out, he returns to his homeland. Together with Alfred he creates his image as Batman. He soon finds himself embroiled in battles with numerous criminals and must also save his hometown.

10:15 p.m., ZDF, black as snow, thriller

A dead man is found in a snowy ski resort. The French investigator Constance (Clémentine Poidatz) takes on the case together with her Swiss colleague. But she herself has something to hide. Because she knew the victim. Meanwhile, more teens are found dead in the snow, and the two investigators are left with a mystery. Until an old family secret sheds light on the culprit’s motive and Constance finds himself in grave danger.


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