Preview: TV tips on Friday |

Preview: TV tips on Friday |

TV tips on Friday

"My father, the donkey and me": Tinka (Isabell Polak) gets a surprise visit from Hartmut "bonanza" Zeller (Günther Mari

“My father, the donkey and I”: Tinka (Isabell Polak) receives a surprise visit from Hartmut “Bonanza” Zeller (Günther Maria Halmer).

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8:15 p.m., The First, My Father, the Donkey and I, comedy

For the single Allgäu rural policewoman Tinka (Isabel Polak) a sense of responsibility has always come first – but not for her father, the charming Hallodri Hartmut “Bonanza” Zeller (Günther Maria Halmer). When the once successful rock musician snows in after years of radio silence, Tinka would like to get rid of him right away. She doesn’t want to forgive him for the fact that Hartmut abandoned her and her mother Luise (Irene Kugler), who is now suffering from dementia, and hardly knows his 17-year-old grandson Flo (Zethphan Smith-Gneist).

8:15 p.m., RTL, Let’s Dance – The big professional challenge, show

After the grand finale, the dancing continues. The “let’s dance“Professionals get the stage for themselves and present all their sporting and creative skills. Who thinks up the most spectacular performance? The spectators decide on the winner by telephone voting. Motsi Mabuse, Joachim Llambi and Jorge González judge. Daniel Hartwich leads Victoria Swarovski through the live show.

8:15 p.m., ProSieben, Bumblebee, action

War is raging on the Autobots’ planet, so Optimus Prime sends the Transformer B-127 to Earth to open a new base. Once there, he meets soldiers and an enemy Decepticon and, disguised as a VW Beetle, has to hide in a junkyard. There he is found by high school student Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld), who soon discovers that there is more to her Bumblebee than just an ordinary car.

8:15 p.m., ZDF, A case for two: Fatal error, crime series

The successful building contractor Tatjana Weber (Jana Josephina Leipziger) is found dead. Due to an argument, her husband (Gregor Bloéb) is accused of murder. Lawyer Benni Hornberg (Antoine Monot, Jr.) takes on his defense. Together with private detective Leo Oswald (Wanja Mues), Benni begins to investigate the victim’s surroundings in order to prove Roland Weber’s innocence. Tatjana Weber was apparently on the verge of bringing out an ecological concrete with employee Adil Hadad (Sahin Eryilmaz).

9:15 p.m., ZDF, Last Track Berlin: Missed Love, crime series

The entrepreneur’s daughter Anika Homberg (Lilly Krug) disappears from the horse farm shortly before a horse show. Her father Walter (Stefan Jürgens) and his ex-wife Evelyn (Nadja Becker) are very worried. Apparently, Anika had already been in the power of unknown kidnappers for eight days two months earlier. Fearing for his daughter, Walter did not involve the police at the time. Radek (Hans-Werner Meyer) and his team have to fear that the kidnappers have now struck again.


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