Preventing social division in Europe – Selenski praises its own air force

Foreign Minister Baerbock

Baerbock warned against talking about war fatigue in Germany in view of the months of fighting.

(Photo: dpa)

Kyiv The situation around the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant in the south of the Ukraine stay tuned. According to Russian and Ukrainian information, there is already damage to the infrastructure of the largest nuclear power plant in Europe. The warring parties once again warned of the danger that radioactive material could escape and lead to a nuclear catastrophe.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky praised the country’s powerful air force in the fight against Russia’s invasion in his video address. Sunday is day 186 in Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine.

“Russia had hoped to destroy our air force in the first hours of the great invasion. And of course that was a completely crazy target for the enemy – like many other targets, too, ”said Zelenskiy in the video message distributed in Kyiv on Saturday. The pilots are first class and are also praised for their skills by other countries. The head of state had previously congratulated the “Day of the Air Force” and declared: “The invaders will disappear like dew in the sun. And our defense is and will be the sun.”

Zelenski emphasizes the importance of the common struggle

Selenski emphasized once again that the struggle for freedom and the country’s independence can only succeed if we work together. “It’s a collaborative effort. And it is a result that will be achieved thanks to the strength and solidarity of everyone who values ​​freedom and does not tolerate tyranny,” he said, referring also to other states supporting Ukraine. “Freedom always wins.” Zelensky announced that supporters of Ukraine abroad should also be honored.

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Russia had invaded the neighboring country on February 24. Last Wednesday the war lasted exactly half a year. On the same day, the country also celebrated 31 years of independence.

baerbock assures Ukraine of years of support if necessary

Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (Greens) promised Ukraine years of support in the war against Russia if necessary. “Unfortunately, we have to assume that Ukraine will still need new heavy weapons from its friends next summer,” said Baerbock of “Bild am Sonntag”. “Ukraine also defends our freedom, our peaceful order. And we support them financially and militarily – for as long as it is necessary. Point.”

Baerbock expressed the expectation that the war “could last for years”. Russia’s President Wladimir Putin had a “delusion” to take Ukraine within a very short time. However, this project did not work out. The foreign minister also defended Ukraine’s claim to the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea annexed from Russia. “Crimea is also part of Ukraine. The world never recognized the illegal annexation of 2014.”

Concerns about the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant are growing

Baerbock warned against talking about war fatigue in Germany in view of the months of fighting. “Of course everyone is now feeling the consequences of Putin’s energy war on their own wallets. The social division of Europe is part of Putin’s warfare. We must prevent this. It will be a rocky road, but it is part of the political responsibility to cushion the social imbalances resulting from high energy prices.” Demands such as those made by Bundestag Vice President Wolfgang Kubicki (FDP) for the Baltic Sea pipeline North Stream 2 to use it for gas deliveries, she rejected.

Poland and the Czech Republic protect Slovakian airspace

In the future, Poland and the Czech Republic will use fighter jets to protect the airspace above the EU and Nato-Partner country Slovakia, which shares a border with Ukraine. The three defense ministers signed an agreement on Saturday at the Slovakian military airfield in Malacky. Slovakia had ordered 14 American F-16 aircraft to replace the outdated Soviet-designed MiG-29. However, their delivery is expected to be delayed until 2024.

Slovak MiG-29

The maintenance of the fighter jets has recently been made more difficult by the sanctions against Russia.

(Photo: AP)

Slovak Defense Minister Jaroslav Nad described the agreement as evidence of a “strong friendship, even brotherhood” between the three countries. Maintaining the MiG-29 fleet has also become increasingly difficult due to sanctions against Russia over the war against Ukraine. The machines are now to be decommissioned. It would also be possible for them to be made available to Ukraine. A decision is still pending.

This is how the Handelsblatt reports on the Ukraine war and the consequences:

That will be important on Sunday

The eyes of the world public continue to focus on the situation around the nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia. According to the warring parties, experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will soon travel to the plant to see the situation for themselves. Moscow is rejecting the handover of the nuclear power plant back to Kyiv, which has been demanded by dozens of states, because from the Russian point of view Ukraine cannot guarantee the safety of the plant.

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