President Zelenskyj invokes the strength of the Ukrainians

President Zelenskyj invokes the strength of the Ukrainians

Dhe President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy counts on the strength of the Ukrainians in the defense against Russian invaders. With perseverance slogans he wants to encourage his fellow citizens in the fight against Russia.

“The strength of Ukrainians and the state as a whole lies in Ukrainians becoming warriors at a crucial time,” Zelenskyy said in his nightly video address on Tuesday. Since the occupation of Crimea by Russia and since the war began on February 24 last year, hundreds of thousands of citizens have become Ukrainian volunteers and “defend Ukraine against Russian aggression”.

“And helping millions of people,” Zelenskyy continued. “They search for everything we need for defence, treat and rehabilitate wounded, rescue people after Russian attacks and work for Ukraine and Ukrainians,” he said. “The strength of our defense and security forces lies in the strength of our people.” Once again Zelenskyj was confident: “We will win this war.”

Drone crash over Black Sea

A military incident over the Black Sea creates new tensions between the US and Russia. One An unmanned US military drone collided with a Russian fighter jet in international airspace on Tuesday, according to the US military. The drone had to be brought down after the collision. The Americans blamed Russia and lamented the “unsafe and unprofessional” actions of the Russian side.

The Russian Defense Ministry has denied any responsibility for the crash. The drone was neither shot at nor attacked in any other way, according to a statement distributed by the state agency TASS. Russian Air Force jets rose to identify an unknown intruder over the Black Sea who was flying into Russian airspace. During a sharp evasive maneuver, the drone rapidly lost altitude and fell into the sea.

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