President Biden declares the end of the corona pandemic in the USA

President Joe Biden announced the end of the corona pandemic in America on Sunday after two and a half years. "The pandemic is over," Biden said in an interview with CBS. “We still have a problem with the coronavirus. We're still working on it. But the pandemic is over.” Pre-recorded video footage at the time showed him at a Detroit auto show, which was being held for the first time in three years. Biden noted that no one was wearing a mask and everyone appeared to be in "pretty good shape." Things were changing, "and this is the perfect example of that."

Sofia Dreisbach

North American political correspondent based in Washington.

At the beginning of September, Biden celebrated the approval of the booster vaccination adapted to the BA.5 variant as a milestone. Even then, the President spoke of a “new phase” in Corona policy. Similar to the flu, Americans should protect themselves against this every fall from now on Coronavirus vaccinate. At that time, however, Biden also warned that the number of corona deaths could skyrocket again in winter. Ashish Jha, the White House Corona Coordinator, said at the time: "The pandemic is not over. We will remain vigilant.” There is still a virus that is still killing hundreds of Americans a day.

Health emergency extended in July

Biden should tell his government with the comment about the end of the Pandemic make it difficult to gain support in Congress for additional planned anti-pandemic funding. Republicans in the Senate have said several times in the past few weeks that they do not want to approve an additional $ 22.4 billion for Corona. The Democrats argue that the money would be needed to distribute the vaccines and prevent renewed corona waves.

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The government recently stopped sending free rapid tests, citing the refusal to support the Covid spending package. Previously, each household could order up to 16 tests. Politico news magazine quoted two government officials as saying Biden's comments were unplanned and surprising. In July, Health Minister Xavier Beverra extended the national health emergency due to the corona virus by a further three months until mid-October. The state of emergency enables the government to act more quickly in the pandemic and simplifies treatments.

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