Premiere as a talk show host: Alexa Maria Surholt hires on "Riverboat".

Premiere as a talk show host
Alexa Maria Surholt joins "Riverboat".

For Alexa Maria Surholt the guest moderation is at "river boat" a premiere.

For Alexa Maria Surholt, guest moderation on "Riverboat" is a premiere.

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Alexa Maria Surholt hosts "Riverboat" alongside Kim Fisher. For Fisher, "heart's friend" meets "heart's broadcast".

Actress Alexa Maria Surholt (54) celebrates a premiere on September 23: For the first time, the star of "In All Friendship" will not be in front of the camera as an actress, but as a moderator of a talk show. Together with regular moderator Kim Fisher (53), she will direct the "Riverboat" from Berlin next Friday (10:00 p.m., rbb).

Surholt is really excited about it, "with fantastic guests alongside the talk queen and riverboat captain KimFisher to moderate and to be allowed up onto the bridge from the cabin with a view of the lake".

Two "heart friends"

For Fisher, working with Surholt provides a special constellation: She can welcome top guests "with my heart friend Alexa in my heart show for an evening". On September 23, this will include actress Claudia Michelsen (53), Alphaville frontman Marian Gold (68) and the folk music couple Marianne (69) and Michael Hartl (73).

Since September, Fisher has been greeting from the "Riverboat" with guest presenters Berlin, and every week the program alternates with its counterpart from Leipzig (MDR). Here the constant co-moderator alongside Fisher is Jörg Kachelmann (64).


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