Possible tornado damaged around 40 houses in Saarland

EA storm with storm and hail swept through several towns in Saarland on Thursday afternoon, leaving significant damage to buildings and cars. Three towns were affected by the storm, a police spokesman said on Friday morning. Several media reported about a tornado that German Weather Service (DWD) could not confirm this on Friday. The weather site “Tornadoliste.de” already classified the storm as a tornado.

It was particularly violent in the area around Urexweiler, a district of the municipality of Marpingen (district of St. Wendel). A total of around 40 houses and around ten vehicles were damaged by falling bricks or fallen trees, as the district fire inspector for the Sankt Wendel district, Dirk Schäfer, said on Friday. In some cases, bricks were thrown through living room windows. Power lines were torn down and the electricity went out at times. Nobody was injured.

The hail made the roads slippery on Thursday. Three people were slightly injured in an accident on Autobahn 8 between Rehlingen and Merzig involving several vehicles.

The fire brigade, the Technical Relief Agency (THW) and the German Red Cross (DRK) were deployed with around 100 people. The operation lasted around eleven hours. The helpers removed fallen trees and at least weatherproofed the damaged houses so that the residents could return. A country road between Urexweiler and Remmesweiler, a district of Sankt Wendel, was still closed on Friday.

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