Porsche is now worth more than VW on the stock market

An the stock exchange strange things happen sometimes. In 2000, for example, a small rights holder called EM.TV (Muppet Show, Sesame Street) was suddenly worth more than the giant steel company Thyssen-Krupp. Even later, one could be surprised when Tesla enjoyed more trust on the stock exchanges than Toyota or BMW even before the first profit was made.

EM.TV soon disappeared again, Thyssen stayed, but had to be relegated to the M-Dax badly plucked. Tesla Still enjoys the confidence of investors, but has fallen by 20 percent in the past few weeks. 760 billion euros market value are still clearly enough for the automotive number one on the stock exchange.

In Europe there is now a wax change. It is now becoming apparent what really counts for investors on the stock exchange: luxury. A week after its IPO has Porsche now overtaken its parent company VW in market value. On Thursday, the Porsche share price temporarily rose by more than 6 percent to 93.50 euros. This gives Porsche a market value of a good 85 billion euros. That is very little compared to Tesla, but significantly more than all other European car manufacturers bring to the stock market scales.

Core VW shrunk to 14 billion

VW itself has a market value of 27 billion euros in the preferred shares listed on the Dax and a good 51 billion euros in the common shares, so a total of “only” 78 billion euros. This includes the subsidiary Porsche with a share of 75 percent of its market value, i.e. 64 billion euros. This leaves the rest of VW, in particular VW itself, Audi, Seat and Skoda market value of just 14 billion euros.

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