Police operation in Essen: Four shots at the rabbi’s house

Police forces are standing at the rabbi’s house near the old synagogue in Essen after bullet holes were discovered there.
Image: dpa

According to FAZ information, the crime was recorded by surveillance cameras. Police are looking for a previously unknown shooter.

AShots were fired at the rabbi’s house near the old synagogue in Essen during the night from Thursday to Friday. According to the police, bullet holes were found in the door of the rabbi’s house, according to witnesses. According to a spokeswoman for the police headquarters, there is no longer any danger and no one was injured.

An explosives detection dog was in use and an investigative commission had been set up. As the FAZ learned from security circles, a previously unknown perpetrator fired the shots at around 11:40 p.m. A total of four bullet holes were found.

The crime is said to have been recorded by surveillance cameras. A male shooter can be seen in the pictures, who is now being searched for. The North Rhine-Westphalian interior minister drove to the crime scene on Friday morning to speak to community members and investigators.

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