Police murder near Kusel: public prosecutor demands life imprisonment

IIn the trial surrounding the two police officers killed near Kusel, the public prosecutor’s office has demanded life imprisonment for the main accused. The man got himself twice murder guilty, said senior public prosecutor Stefan Orthen on Tuesday in his plea before the district court of Kaiserslautern. In fact, several characteristics of murder were met and the act had “execution character” – so the guilt was particularly serious, said Orthen.

Around five months after the start of the trial, the allegations of the prosecution were confirmed for the senior public prosecutor: At the end of January, the thirty-nine-year-old killed a young policewoman (24) and her colleague (29) during a night traffic check on a district road in the western Palatinate with shots in the head.

Fulfilled murder trait of Greed

“The killing of the police officers served to cover up commercial poaching,” Orthen said. In addition, the murder characteristic of greed was fulfilled: “Without the act, he would no longer have been able to sell the killed game profitably,” said the senior public prosecutor. The act of violence caused nationwide horror.

The co-accused, like the main accused, was guilty of commercial poaching. A penalty should be refrained from, however, because the thirty-three-year-old contributed significantly to the investigation, said Orthen.

During the trial, the main defendant admitted to having killed the police officer, but he shot in self-defense. He held the co-defendant responsible for the policewoman’s death, which he had always denied.

The men were arrested shortly after the crime in neighboring Saarland. According to psychiatric reports, both are fully culpable. The verdict is expected to fall on November 30th.

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