“Police call 110” today from Frankfurt (Oder): Olga Lenski’s last case

“Police call 110” today from Frankfurt (Oder): Olga Lenski’s last case

“Police call 110” from Frankfurt (Oder)
The Bloody Path of the Monster Mother – Olga Lenski’s last case

"Police call 110" from Frankfurt/Oder

Chief inspector Olga Lenski (Maria Simon, l.) tracks down the fugitive murderess Louisa “Lou” Bronski (Luzia Oppermann) – and thereby gets into great danger.

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Actually, she has already resigned from her service when Olga Lenski is called to one last operation – and is taken prisoner. The “Polizeiruf 110” shown as a repeat is a classic hostage drama.

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  • A farewell with a bang – in her last assignment, Olga Lenski is in great danger.

What’s the matter?

She has just robbed a shop while wearing a mask, threatening the owner with a gun and scaring them to death. Just a moment later, Louise “Lou” Bronski (Luzia Oppermann) has taken off her mask, gets into the car with her daughter Lilli and gives the little girl a lollipop she had stolen. This is not without consequence: The “monster mother”, as the title of the “Polizeiruf” episode, has to go to jail. When she was released two years later, her child was already in a foster family. The family court has found “Lou” to be incapable of bringing up children and sees her as a danger to their daughter. The angry mother is now doing everything to bring Lilli back – and leaves a trail of blood in her wake. Inspector Lenski, who has actually already quit her job, falls victim to Bronski’s violence. It all boils down to a dangerous trade: the inspector for the girl.

Why is this “police call 110” worthwhile?

This film (written and directed by Christian Bach) shows a lot of empathy for the “monster mother”. Because he hints at why Louise Bronski became the way she is: she herself never experienced motherly love and otherwise had few good experiences in her life. But as brutal as she is towards her fellow human beings – she has so much love and affection for her daughter. Lilli would never harm her. It is to the credit of the 26-year-old actress Luzia Oppermann that she credibly embodies this ambivalence. Her performance alone is a reason to tune in.

What bothers?

Olga Lenski’s last case is not a thriller, the perpetrator is clear from the start. Rather, it is a flawless hostage drama that works with all the clichés of this subgenre: flashing blue light columns and rattling helicopters chasing the getaway car – and on the other hand hectic activity in the police planning staff. Here the “Polizeiruf 110” offers little that is new.

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The commissioners?

Inspector Adam Raczek (Lucas Gregorowicz) has five years with him Olga Lensky worked closely together. However, he finds out from his superior that his colleague has quit the service – which makes him very cold. For the last common case, he pulls himself together again.

Turn on or off?

In 2011, chief inspector Olga Lenski in the “Police call 110“solved her first case. “Monstermutter” is her 18th and last assignment – also one of the better episodes with the investigator played by Maria Simon. It’s also worth repeating.

The “Polizeiruf 110: Monstermutter” was first broadcast on January 31, 2021. ARD repeats the case on Friday, March 24, at 10:50 p.m.

Inspectors Olga Lenski and Adam Raczek recently investigated the following cases:

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