Police are looking for a 21-year-old in Münster

Police are looking for a 21-year-old in Münster

NAfter a deadly knife attack at a fair in Münster, the police are using a photo to find a 21-year-old suspect. The young man’s apartment in Muenster was searched on Monday evening, police and prosecutors announced on Tuesday. The suspect known to the police was not at home.

According to the information, the 21-year-old got into an argument with a 31-year-old on a carousel on Saturday evening. He is said to have stabbed the older man with a knife. Despite immediate resuscitation measures, the 31-year-old died on the spot. An autopsy on the body revealed that he received a stab in the heart and died from blood loss, as Chief Public Prosecutor Martin Botzenhardt reported on Sunday.

“Our intensive investigations have brought us to witnesses and the meticulous investigation of the crime scene on the trail of the 21-year-old,” said chief inspector Frank Schneemann, head of the homicide squad, on Tuesday, according to the announcement. Initially, there were indications of a second man who was traveling with the suspect at the Send festival. It is said to be his 24-year-old brother. “The evaluations of the video sequences, on which the perpetrator can also be identified, confirmed our suspicions,” reported Schneemann.

A judge issued an arrest warrant on suspicion of murder on Monday evening. The court also approved the public search with pictures of the suspect. The Kazakh citizen should be slim and have dark blonde, short hair. He was wearing light gray sweatpants and a light gray hoodie at the time of the crime.

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