Poland wants to protect Hungary from withdrawing EU funds

Nfter the EU Commission's proposal on Sunday not to pay out around 7.5 billion euros to Hungary for the time being, due to suspicion of corruption, which the country is entitled to in the period up to 2027, Poland's Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced its solidarity with Budapest.

Gerhard Gnauck

Political correspondent for Poland, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania based in Warsaw.

"Poland will oppose with full force any action by the European institutions aimed at illegally depriving a member state of funds," Morawiecki said. A compromise solution between Budapest and Brussels is already in the pipeline. The unprecedented proposal is due to be discussed at the beginning of December European Council by qualified majority, at least 15 countries with at least 65 percent of the EU population decide.

The Polish EU Agriculture Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski reassured his compatriots on Twitter: In this case there is "no analogy" between the cases of Hungary and Poland. Agriculture Commissioner John Hahn had said that in the case of Poland "we can deal with the issue of judicial independence using other instruments".

Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court dissolved

Meanwhile, Poland has an important condition in the dispute with the EU initially fulfilled: The Disciplinary Chamber (ID) at the Supreme Court, which was supposed to take disciplinary action against judges who had committed a crime, was dissolved and a new chamber created, the Chamber for Professional Responsibility. For this purpose, 33 candidates were selected by lot from among all the judges of the court, and from these, President Andrzej Duda nominated eleven people for the new chamber at the weekend. No one had previously belonged to the Disciplinary Body.

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