Poland expects quick approval from Berlin for Leopard deliveries to Kyiv

Dhe Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has expressed the expectation that approval from Berlin for the delivery of German-made Leopard main battle tanks to Ukraine will be forthcoming. “I cannot imagine a situation in which such approval will not be granted soon,” said Morawiecki on Monday before his departure for Berlin. In the German capital, he will hold talks with “politicians from the entire German political spectrum” about the tank deliveries, he announced.

Morawiecki: Germany should deliver more weapons to Ukraine

Last week Poland declared its willingness to use Leopard tanks from its own stocks as part of an “international coalition”. Ukraine to deliver. Polish Presidential Advisor Marcin Przydacz reiterated on Zet radio on Monday that Poland is ready to supply Leopard tanks “as a good example”. For a delivery of the Leopard main battle tanks, however, approval from Germany as the country of manufacture is required.

Morawiecki also called for Germany to supply Ukraine with more weapons. The fate of Europe will also be decided in Ukraine, said the national conservative politician on Monday in Berlin at a ceremony for the CDU politician Wolfgang Schäuble. “Help for Ukraine is part of European survival.” Germany should supply all “crucial” weapons. Tanks should “not remain in depots,” added the prime minister, alluding to the debate over the supply of Leopard 2 main battle tanks. The Polish government has agreed to hand over 14 Leopard tanks to Ukraine, but they obviously need to be modernized first.

Morawiecki criticized the fact that many in Europe had harbored illusions about Russian politics for three decades after the end of the Cold War. “We (on the contrary) have lived in the shadow of Russian imperialism for centuries,” he said of the Polish historical experience. Agreements with Russia are “a pact with the devil”. Morawiecki particularly criticized gas contracts and the concept of “change through trade”. For Moscow, however, it is clear that an independent Ukraine, independent Baltic states and an independent Poland are not compatible with the interests of the Russian Empire.

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