Poland breaks up suspected Russian spy ring

Poland breaks up suspected Russian spy ring

Dhe Polish domestic secret service has apparently broken up a ring of Russian agents. They are said to have tried to monitor rail traffic with permanently installed hidden cameras and to prepare attacks. After the private radio station RMF FM reported about it, Interior Minister Mariusz Kamiński issued a brief statement on the case on Thursday.

Gerhard Gnauck

Political correspondent for Poland, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania based in Warsaw.

In the past few days, “nine people suspected of working with the Russian secret services have been arrested.” They had been conducting intelligence activities against Poland and had “prepared acts of sabotage on the instructions of the Russian intelligence service”.

The evidence shows “that the group monitored railway lines” to “document transports of armaments for the benefit of Ukraine”. For this purpose, the agents had prepared cameras and even GPS transmitters that were attached to the people in the Ukraine delivered goods should be attached. Prepared acts of sabotage should “paralyze the deliveries of equipment, weapons and supplies”.

All are foreigners “from beyond the eastern border”, not necessarily Russians. A court ordered provisional detention for six. The public prosecutor’s office accused her of espionage and activity in an “organized criminal group”. They were continuously remunerated financially for their assignments, which also included “propaganda” work. Kamiński assured: “Poland is a safe country and will remain so. All citizens can feel safe.”

Defense Minister Mariusz Błaszczak called on citizens to “react when they observe strange behavior, for example when elements of military infrastructure are photographed”. The broadcaster RMF FM reported that the uncovered activity had mainly affected the south-east of Poland. The airport in the city of Rzeszów, which is still in civilian use, has also become Europe’s largest hub for military and other aid to Ukraine.

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