Podcast "Ukraine - The Situation": Security expert for arms deliveries

Podcast "Ukraine – the situation"
Weapons against the Russian war of annihilation: security expert advocates deliveries to Ukraine

A Panzerhaubitze 2000 drives on the grounds of the Albkaserne of the Bundeswehr

A Panzerhaubitze 2000 drives on the grounds of the Albkaserne of the Bundeswehr

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Security expert Claudia Major describes the Russian attack on Ukraine as a war of annihilation. Germany must deliver weapons quickly, she says star-Podcast "Ukraine – the situation".

The security expert Claudia Major wrote in the stern podcast "Ukraine – the situation" has accused Russian forces of waging a war of extermination in Ukraine. Major said on Friday that reports of the discovery of mass graves in the recaptured areas matched the previous behavior of the invaders. She said Ukraine did not have a choice between War and peace, "but between war and annihilation - and then the choice falls on war as a means of liberation".

It is now undisputed that Ukraine must be supported. The only thing that needs to be clarified is how far each country is going. According to the head of the security policy research group at the Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, the pressure on Germany to deliver battle tanks and armored personnel carriers has increased continuously in recent days.

Rapid Arms Deliveries Major

"The argument that we don't deliver because we don't want to deliver on our own has more or less collapsed." She referred to statements by the NATO Secretary General and American government officials who had encouraged the Germans to do more. In addition, the federal government has put itself under pressure - for example through a speech by Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht, after which Germany leadership power. What Chancellor Olaf Scholz said this Friday at the Bundeswehr parade in Berlin will be exciting.

Major stressed that Ukraine did regain the initiative in the war. However, previous successes would neither end nor decide the war. She advocated delivering weapons quickly now and at the same time training Ukrainian soldiers on Western weapon systems with a view to next spring. "We can now use the time over the winter to train the Ukrainians," said the security expert, who is representing her colleague Carlo Masala from the Bundeswehr University in Munich in the podcast.

Editor's note: As of today, security expert Claudia Major is replacing Carlo Masala. She will be heard in four episodes.


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