Podcast “important today”: Waldorf school – between esotericism and development

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The Waldorf school – between esotericism and development

Pupils walk past a picture by Rudolf Steiner in the Uhlandshöhe Free Waldorf School

Pupils walk past a picture by Rudolf Steiner in the Uhlandshöhe Free Waldorf School in Stuttgart

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Dancing your own name and no notes – these were old accusations against the methods of the Waldorf schools. Nevertheless, the type of school polarizes, critics and supporters alike.

Above all, the anthroposophical approach of Waldorf schools is criticized, which incidentally are financed by the state with more than half a billion euros per year. Nele Auschra, herself on the board of the Association of Free Waldorf Schools, says in the 414th episode of the podcast “important today” that one is also developing further and critically questioning the theories: “Rudolf Steiner is the founder, who is both the philosophical direction of the who founded anthroposophy and also helped to shape the first Waldorf school, with his suggestions, which are still being studied today, not in the sense of a teaching, but rather as a way of dealing with it, because today it is certainly no longer possible to go straight to the individual via a head shape of the child, that’s not possible. That means that we deal with it and that also happens in the training and further education centers for Waldorf teachers.”

The type of school polarizes

There are now more than 4,000 comments under the video for research by “Krautreporter” and “ZDF Magazin Royale”, with very different opinions, some harsh criticism, but some also reports from the everyday life of a Waldorf school. This type of school polarized, critics and supporters alike.

Michael Abdollahi

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Podcast “important today”

Sure, opinionated, on the 12: “today important” is not just a news podcast. We set topics and initiate debates – with attitude and sometimes uncomfortable. Host Michel Abdollahi and his team speak out for this star– and RTL reporters with the most exciting people from politics, society and entertainment. They let all voices have their say, both the quiet and the loud. Anyone who hears “important today” starts the day well informed and can have a well-founded say.

Black Box Waldorf School

In an interview with “Today Important” host Michel Abdollahi, Nele Auschra also addresses the accusation of the black box, i.e. the Waldorf schools do what they want: “There is a framework curriculum that is constantly being revised and published, you can look at it buy it as a PDF. Incidentally, this is also a prerequisite for a school to be approved as a Waldorf school in most federal states. Then the schools open up for information events etc. We provide information on our websites.”

More time together at school

While students at a regular school go to secondary schools after the fourth or sixth grade and are thus separated, the system at the Waldorf school is different. “I believe that the Waldorf schools take a little more time to lead the students to their own development, that they have been at a school together for 12 years, for example, cannot remain seated, so they have the opportunity to develop qualities that are important for the qualifications are necessary only develop in the seventh or eighth grade,” says Nele Auschra.

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