Playing table tennis with Günter Wallraff – company

Playing table tennis with Günter Wallraff – company

He is the country’s best-known investigative journalist. For him, standing at the table is meditation and self-assurance at the same time. To a round of table tennis with Günter Wallraff.


Titus Arno

And that’s supposed to be a table tennis bat? That thing looks like it was fermented for months, then buried, pulled out of the ground a year later, and microwaved for 10 minutes. “The racquet suits me – it’s scuffed and ridged, just like me,” says Gunter Wallraff, “that’s almost like my coat of arms.” He only plays with this miserable leftover piece of sports equipment. A club player left it with him more than 40 years ago. Once he tried a new racket, a gift from table tennis world champion Timo Boll, but he couldn’t handle the professional part. When Günter Wallraff picks something up, it has to be hard, rudimentary and half-broken, otherwise it doesn’t count.

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