Planned murder of Emmanuel Macron? Trial of 13 defendants in Paris

process in France
Planned murder of Macron? 13 right-wing extremists are on trial in Paris for terrorist plans

At the start of the trial against suspected conspirators, an ink drawing shows the accused and judges in court

Those accused of the assassination plans as the court artist saw them at the start of the trial. The verdict is due on February 3

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In Paris, 13 people are on trial who are said to have planned the assassination of President Emmanuel Macron and other attacks. The prosecution and defense disagree on how serious these plans were.

They wanted the French President Emmanuel Macron stab them – and are now in the dock for it. Since Tuesday, eleven men and two women have had to answer to the public prosecutor in Paris for these allegations. According to the indictment, a leading member of the group planned an attack on Macron in 2018 during a commemoration of the end of the First World War. The group also hatched plans to attack mosques and migrants, but never took action.

The Chief Justice of the Criminal Court attested to the accused according to the French daily “Le Figaro” a common motivation: the fear of “a civil war”, a “wave of migration blamed on the President of the Republic” and an alleged “imbalance of rights” to the detriment of the French.

Right-wing extremists in a Facebook group

The group was founded on Facebook in 2017. Its founder is regarded as a supporter of a conspiracy theory widespread in right-wing extremist circles, according to which Muslim migrants are gradually becoming the majority in France. At their meetings they organized paramilitary exercises.

On October 31, 2018, an anti-terrorism investigation was launched based on intelligence that ultra-right activist Jean-Pierre Bouyer was plotting to assassinate President Emmanuel Macron during commemorations marking the centenary of the November 11 armistice in eastern France, reported “Le Figaro“. On November 6, 2018, the first members of the group were arrested. Weapons and ammunition were seized during the arrest.

Assassination attempt on Emmanuel Macron pure fiction?

The defense emphasizes that the period was marked by the conflict of the yellow vests and a general seditious mood. A defense attorney said according to the British “Guardian”the accusation is based “on the fiction that an act of violence would take place”.

A member of the group had “differing views of the government” and made comments that were “sometimes extreme,” a defense attorney said, according to the Guardian. “But does that mean that they were planning to take action and make an attempt on the life of the head of state? The answer is no.”

The trial is expected to last until February 3.

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