Pilot - still a dream job for Tuifly captain Andreas Helzel - economy

Flying high above the clouds, with impressive panoramas - plus a good salary: Pilot is still a dream job today. But starting a career is difficult and everyday life is often exhausting. So what is the job really like? A field report.


Jens FlottauFrankfort

It's probably just a small sensor that's dirty or has a loose connection. In any case, the large monitor in the middle doesn't show how much kerosene is in the left main tank - it should be a good three tons for the flight from Frankfurt am Main to Mahón, the capital of the Spanish Balearic island of Menorca. Andreas Helzel is slightly annoyed. This error is not the first problem today - and the person from the Tui Airlines maintenance center in London is in no particular hurry to clarify on the phone whether a technician still needs to look at the problem or whether Helzel with his Boeing 737-8 can finally fly. 180 passengers in the back want to go on vacation, and Tuifly flight 626 is already delayed.

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