Picture of the week – hanging game – society

That’s Greta, isn’t it?

It’s correct. Here none other than the most famous climate activist in the world is being carried away by the police: Greta Thunberg. She traveled to Germany especially to support the protests against lignite mining in and around Lützerath.

Does she have to go to jail now?

No, the picture does not show an arrest. The police are clearing the site so that the energy company RWE can excavate coal there. Greta and her comrades-in-arms were taken to determine their personal details. This is normal police procedure.

But does everyone know them?

The police noticed that and probably didn’t check Greta’s ID after all. The picture has caused a lot of excitement: many are wondering why the interests of the coal industry are being enforced so hard, but the Paris climate agreement is not.

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