Peter Fischer on cocaine allegations: A character assassination campaign

Peter Fischer on cocaine allegations: A character assassination campaign

PIn a statement available to the FAZ, eter Fischer defended himself through his lawyers against the drug allegations against him. They are “unfounded” and he will defend himself “with all determination”. In the statement, which was published on Thursday afternoon, his lawyers speak of a “character assassination campaign”. In her view, the issuing and the execution of the search warrant took place in the private premises fishermen “illegal” in Frankfurt’s Westend at the end of January.

Catherine Iskandar

Responsible editor for the “Rhein-Main” department of the Sunday newspaper.

The club president of Eintracht wants to file a complaint against the mother of the friend of Fischer’s 13-year-old son, who, according to the lawyers, started the investigation with untruthful statements to the police. His two Frankfurt legal advisers, Marko Spänle and Stefan Bernhard-Eckel, announced that they had already applied for the proceedings to be dropped. Official liability claims would also be examined.

doubts about credibility

After gaining access to the investigation files, the defense said that from their point of view there were serious doubts about the credibility of the mother of Fischer’s son’s classmate and her accounts. She is said to have told the police that her son was with Fischer’s son at a school event cocaine have consumed. According to the public prosecutor’s office, Fischer’s son brought the drug with him, which, according to the investigators, suggests that it was stored in the apartment in such a way that the boy had access to it.

The lawyers found that their client’s son had no access to drugs. Contradictions regarding the use of cocaine, in which the schoolmate got caught up in his interrogation, were ignored and not questioned. In addition, it is not understandable why the investigating authorities ignored the fact that a drugs– Schoolmate’s urine test was negative. With regard to the schoolmate’s family circumstances, the two lawyers stated that, according to the mother, the father consumed cocaine and crack, so that the family was looked after by the youth welfare office.

No access to drugs

According to the lawyers, it is true that a house search found a “small amount” of marijuana in a household help’s handbag and a “small amount” of a suspicious substance in her bed. On a bedside table in a bedroom in the apartment where Fischer does not spend the night, residues of a white substance were also found on a sticky surface – but in such a “small amount” that they could not be secured.

A rapid drug test reacted positively for cocaine. Cocaine, consumer paraphernalia or references to sellers were not found. Fischer’s 13-year-old son, lawyers said, did not have access to drugs. The marijuana found in Fischer’s apartment belongs to the household help, from whom Fischer immediately separated. According to Spänle and Bernhard-Eckel, the allegedly discovered cocaine residues are by no means certain that they are actually cocaine. They obtained an expert’s opinion. With regard to the rapid drug test, the defense attorneys pointed out that it is not “a standard test procedure that is recognized as reliable in practice, so that such a rapid test cannot be used in court to rely on the fact that a substance is a narcotic”.

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