“Pee with a tampon?”: Men in the USA know so little about their periods

Watch the video: Absurd answers – survey shows how little men know about the female body and periods.

This street poll in the USA causes amusement and bewilderment on Tiktok.

The clip is intended to show how little men know about the female body. Numerous passers-by are peppered with questions about female anatomy and periods. The result: many men seem to know shockingly little about these topics. Here some examples:

“Can you pee with a tampon?”

“I think you need to get him out. That’s probably why there are tampon bins in the bathroom.”

“Can you pee with a tampon? I don’t think it’s recommended.”

“How many tampons does a woman use per period on average?”

“A? Two? A! If I’m honest, I think one.”

Finally, the men are asked whether they are registered voters. The respondents unanimously answered “Yes!” to this question.

The clip is produced by a group of US health activists.

Compared to the star the group explains that the men’s false answers are authentic and not staged – the only actress involved is the presenter.

They further explain that while some men answered correctly, the majority of respondents answered the questions incorrectly.

But the video, which is funny at first glance, has a serious background. Because the amusing video is an election advertisement that will be published in the USA before the midterms.

With the video, the group wants to call on women to vote in the midterm elections in the United States.

A high female voter turnout is intended to take the helm out of the hand of men who, according to the video, have no idea about the female body when it comes to issues such as abortion and physical self-determination. The issues had been the subject of controversy during the election campaign.

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