Pearlcore: Make a fashion statement with pearls

Make a fashion statement with pearls

Pearls around the neck and on the ears: in 2022, accessories are all about Pearlcore.

Pearls around the neck and on the ears: in 2022, accessories are all about Pearlcore.

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Ever heard of Pearlcore? Pearls are the trendiest accessory on the fashion scene in 2022. Whether around the neck or on the ears.

Shimmering and endowed with natural elegance, it is on the way accessories its way back into fashion in 2022. Designers, fashion magazines and trend reports all agree: Pearl jewelery will finally shed its dusty image in 2022. Pearls are now a symbol of good style again, albeit in a very different way from when pearls first started to be fashionable.

Pearls are reminiscent of Coco Chanel

Pearls used to symbolize wealth and exotic travel, explains stylist Amanda Sanders in an interview with the magazine "InStyle". Real pearls were considered rare and valuable at the time. Up to the time when artificial pearls were invented and Coco Chanel discovered fashion jewelry for herself. After adopting a classic, preppy image over the decades, pearl necklaces are now transitioning into a streetwear-ready and edgy accessory, Sanders says.

In the meantime, pearl jewelry is not only popular with women. Men are also becoming increasingly interested in Pearlcore. Celebrities like Harry Styles (28) or Shawn Mendes (24) are already following the trend. In doing so, they set an example that men can also wear pieces of jewelery that have long been considered feminine.

Timeless pearl jewellery

In 2022 we can get the classic pearl necklaces out of the jewelry box again. There are various ways of presenting the precious pieces of jewelery in a contemporary way. On the one hand, many followers of the Pearlcore trend rely on chain layering. This means that chains of different lengths are combined with each other to create a harmonious overall picture. This can be, for example, filigree gold chains as a complement to the pearl necklace, but also colorful costume jewelery that represents a break in style with pearls.

In order to break up the preppy aura of pearls and to tone it down a bit, many fashion enthusiasts also deliberately play with a break in style with jewelry when it comes to clothing. Timeless pearl jewelry is deliberately combined with outfits in the Y2K style. coco chanel then almost meets the fashion from the early 2000s. Interesting mix.

Pearl core on the ear

Pearls are not only trendy around the neck. In addition to pearl necklaces, pearl core earrings are the second big hype. Instead of the classic small ear studs, we prefer 2022 fancy hanging earrings see.

The organic and natural forms of the freshwater pearl give the earrings an eye-catching effect. The motto here is: better too big than too small. XXL pearls now make a real fashion statement out of every outfit.


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