Paul McCartney: Singer masters headstand at 80

Paul McCartney
Singer masters headstand at 80 years old

Paul McCartney is still in great shape at 80.

Paul McCartney is still in great shape at 80.

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At 80, Paul McCartney is still in great shape. Now he has proven that he can also do the headstand without any problems.

Singer and Beatles legend Paul McCartney (80) shows his yoga skills: The 80-year-old masters a headstand without any problems. This is proven by a photo on his Instagram accountin which he shows the perfectly executed exercise on a mat. In an interview on his website he talks about his yoga practice. “I like yoga and practice it whenever I can,” says the singer. Over the years he had “learned a few tricks, for example the headstand”.

The exercise is his “show-off moment” in the gym. “A lot of people lift big weights while I lift small weights. I can’t do what they can with their big muscles, so I finish my workout with headstands. A lot of times they come up to me and say, ‘Hey, that’s pretty impressive!'” he says.

Paul McCartney: Headstand keeps him ‘young’

The headstand is good for him. “A yoga teacher once told me that it keeps you young. You turn all the organs of the body upside down and since they spend the rest of the day either lying flat in bed or standing up and being pulled down by gravity, the inversion is supposed to supposed to be good. But it’s also fun!”, explains McCartney further.

How fit the singer is, he shows regularly on stage. In June he ended his “Got Back” tour with a headlining performance at the Glastonbury Festival.


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