Patricija Ionel: “Let’s Dance” star adorns the “Playboy” cover

Patricija Ionel: “Let’s Dance” star adorns the “Playboy” cover

Patricija Ionel
“Let’s Dance” star adorns the “Playboy” cover

Patricija Ionel on the "playboy"-Cover of the April issue.

Patricija Ionel on the cover of the April issue of Playboy.

© Ana Dias for PLAYBOY Germany April 2023

“Let’s Dance” star Patricija Ionel adorns the “Playboy” cover. Her intention in the nude shoot: “To portray the woman naturally.”

Together with gymnast Philipp Boy (35), the professional dancer inspires Patricija Ionel (28) is currently once again on the RTL dance show “Let’s Dance”. Now the 28-year-old has made it onto the cover of the April issue of the men’s magazine “Playboy”. The Lithuanian model proudly presents her naked body.

In the accompanying interview, Ionel explains: “For me, Playboy is not about undressing, it’s about the Woman natural and nude – just as she was created. I think the most beautiful dress a woman can wear is her own skin.” It is important to her that every woman can do what she wants without having to justify herself. One should stop “she for her to criticize decisions.

Criticism for an early return to “Let’s Dance” after the birth

She herself remembers the birth of her son and that only three weeks later she was back at “let’s dance” occurred. Afterwards she had to deal with many critical comments such as “You are not a good mother”. “My baby traveled to every rehearsal. I breastfed and really gave everything. Of course it wasn’t easy, but I made a conscious decision to do it. I wonder, why aren’t men asked the same questions?”

The 28-year-old also reveals that she appreciates it when a man is “clever” and has “something in his head”. “I like men who would do anything for their wife, but still like to take the lead.” Her husband Alexandru Ionel (28), who is also a professional dancer on “Let’s Dance”, should fully meet these criteria. As opponents, the two would meet in the RTL-Don’t look at the show. “We support each other and help each other with the choreographies. We do everything to ensure that it looks beautiful in the end and that our celebrities shine.”

The April issue of “Playboy” magazine with Ionel’s photo series will be available in newsagents on March 9th. More motifs exclusively at:


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