Parties: Green Youth confirms leadership duo

Green youth confirm management duo

Timon Dzienus (lr), federal spokesman for the Green Youth and Sarah-Lee Heinrich, federal spokeswoman for the Green Youth are sitting at the Bun

Timon Dzienus (lr), federal spokesman for the Green Youth and Sarah-Lee Heinrich, federal spokeswoman for the Green Youth, are sitting in their seats at the federal congress of the Green Youth and are happy that Timon Dzienus won the election as federal spokesman. photo

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The youth organizations are often uncomfortable for their parent parties. The Green Youth doesn’t mince words either, which they don’t like about the traffic light government.

Sarah-Lee Heinrich and Timon Dzienus are at the helm of the Greens for another year youth. They were confirmed in office on Saturday at a federal congress in Bielefeld, as announced by the youth organization of the Greens. The so-called federal spokesman of the Green Youth are elected for a period of one year and can be re-elected once according to the statutes. For Heinrich (21) and Dzienus (26) it is the last term of office.

Heinrich According to the announcement, in her application speech she called for more decisive crisis measures from the traffic light government, such as a rent cap and an excess profit tax. The government too often lags behind the burdens. “When, if not this winter, is a better time to introduce a nationwide rent cap,” she emphasized.

The previous traffic light policy was insufficient. “Our task is to take to the streets together with our allies this autumn and winter and say: Enough is enough!” declared Heinrich. But it’s not enough for every coming one crisis request appropriate relief. “Because if we don’t want to fight crisis after crisis, then we have to dare to question the system that’s constantly plunging us into new crises through its excessive exploitation of people and nature.”

More climate protection called for

Dzienus called for a more consistent climate protection policy and called for the socialization of energy companies. “People’s basic needs are not good for corporate profits,” he argued. At the same time, he particularly criticized Transport Minister Volker Wissing’s (FDP) “lack of ambition” when it came to climate protection. He missed his goals with a bang and then prevented the extension of the 9-euro ticket. The federal and state governments are currently negotiating the financing of a local transport ticket for the whole of Germany – but it is already clear that it will cost between 49 and 69 euros a month.

The around 700 participants in the federal congress campaigned in their leading motion for the continuation of the 9-euro ticket and called for the suspension of the debt brake for 2023. They argued that this was the only way to finance the necessary expenditure in the crisis.

The Green Youth is close to the left wing of the party and has more than 18,000 members. Of the 118 Green MPs in the newly elected Bundestag, 27 are representatives of the youth organization.


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