Partial mobilization: After a protest in Russia, 1,300 people are still in custody

partial mobilization
After protests in Russia 1300 people in custody

Demonstrations also took place in Yekaterinburg.  Photo: Uncredited/AP/dpa

Demonstrations also took place in Yekaterinburg. photo

© Uncredited/AP/dpa

Kremlin chief Putin has ordered immediate partial mobilization in the war against Ukraine. In many Russian cities, however, people take to the streets - arrests are made.

After protests against the partial mobilization According to civil rights activists, the police in Russia held more than 1,300 people in custody on Thursday morning. In the capital Moscow alone, there were around 530 protesters and 480 in Saint Petersburg, according to the civil rights portal OVD-Info. The state did not provide any information about the protests.

At the first major rallies of the Russian anti-war movement since March, young people took to the streets in many cities on Wednesday, including many women who feared for the lives of their husbands, brothers and sons. OVD-Info counted arrests in 38 cities. The trigger was President Vladimir Putin's decision to send 300,000 reservists to war against the Ukraine to convene

the police According to this information, he injured several arrested persons. In Moscow, a young man suffered a concussion, a young woman lost consciousness. According to OVD-Info, 33 minors were arrested against the law. Nine journalists were also arrested.

As a rule, those arrested are sentenced to fines or arrest after a night in police custody. Criminal proceedings are instituted against some. In the first few weeks after the February 24 attack on Ukraine, 15,000 people were arrested during protests. Since then, the Russian leadership has further tightened the penalties for resisting the war.

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There are reservists in almost every Russian family. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov weighed in Moscow and exaggerated reports that able-bodied men were rushing for plane tickets to Turkey and other countries.

The Kremlin spokesman said it was legally permissible to hand over a draft notice to those arrested. According to civil rights activists at the police station, some of the arrested protesters were forced to be summoned for a medical examination. The Civil Rights Portal OVD info advised to lodge a protest against this method of service.

Despite the partial mobilization, Russia continues to view the war against Ukraine as a "special military operation" in legal terms. According to Peskow, the convocation does not change that.

Above all, men whose military service was not long ago are to be drawn. The question of up to what age is called up is within the competence of the Defense Ministry, Peskov said, according to Russian agencies.


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