Parliamentary elections started in Latvia

Elections in Latvia

A woman in Riga casts her ballot. The liberal-conservative party is ahead in the polls.

(Photo: Reuters)

Riga Overshadowed by Russia’s war of aggression against the Ukraine and worries about rising energy costs started parliamentary elections in Latvia on Saturday morning. A good 1.5 million voters make decisions in the Baltic EU and Nato-Country over 100 seats in Parliament in Riga. 19 parties and alliances are running for election. The first results are expected on Sunday night. No party should achieve an absolute majority.

In polls, Prime Minister Krisjanis Karins’ liberal-conservative Jauna Vienotiba party is ahead. Karins currently leads a four-way coalition of conservative parties and forces from the political center.

It is questionable whether this alliance will remain in power. Pollsters and experts expect a fragmented parliament in the Baltic state with a strong minority of Russian origin. Latvia is a neighboring country of Russia.

The election campaign was dominated by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and its aftermath. Many citizens in the country of 1.9 million people are also very worried about the sharp rise in energy prices and the rampant inflation.

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