Paris Hilton searches for her dog with the help of a pet astrologer

Paris Hilton with Diamond Baby at an awards ceremony in 2018
Image: dpa

Paris Hilton has been missing her Chihuahua for three weeks. She doesn’t want to believe any assumptions that “Diamond Baby” was eaten by coyotes. Instead, the reality star spoke to an animal astrologer.

Paris Hilton does not give up hope of seeing her Chihuahua “Diamond Baby” again. Three weeks after the dog lady’s disappearance, the reality actress told gossip portal TMZ that an animal astrologer had assured her that “Diamond Baby” was still alive. Various soothsayers and telepathic communicators specializing in pets would not have ruled out a reunion.

Hilton, who has been married to American entrepreneur Carter Reum since last fall, reported the dog missing three weeks ago. The six-year-old “Diamond Baby” was in California during a photo shoot Beverly Hills escaped Hilton then had the dog lady searched by drone and offered a reward. The 41-year-old It girl didn’t want to get used to the idea that “Diamond Baby” might have been the victim of a coyote.

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