Paramedics did not render any assistance to Tire Nichols for minutes

Paramedics did not render any assistance to Tire Nichols for minutes

NAfter the violent death of Black Tire Nichols in the USA The Memphis, Tennessee, police department has fired another officer. The former police officer violated several internal regulations, the authority justified the step on Friday (local time). Among other things, he disregarded rules relating to personal conduct, truthfulness and the handling of police equipment. The message indicates that it could be the officer who fired a stun gun at the 29-year-old man when Nichols was attacked.

American media, citing an investigation report by rescue workers, reported that two paramedics who were called to treat Nichols did not attend to him for 19 minutes. The paramedics were suspended.

Nichols was pulled over by police in his vehicle in January for “reckless driving” and brutally beaten by officers involved. Three days after the incident, Nichols died in hospital from his injuries.

As the New York Times reports, an emergency medical technician who worked on the investigative report into the Nichols case said there were “reasons to believe” that the actions of emergency responders “contributed to the patient’s death.” Accordingly, the police informed the paramedics that Nichols had taken drugs. As of this writing, however, nothing proves that Nichols was actually on drugs.

Nichol’s death sparked nationwide outrage and renewed debate about racism and police violence in the United States. Nichols was an African American. Deadly police attacks are common in the United States. According to website, more than 1,100 people have been killed by police in the past year. According to the reports, black people in the US are almost three times as likely to be killed by police as white people.

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