Overall trend: How to combine jumpsuits in winter

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How to combine jumpsuits in winter

Cargo-style overalls are particularly popular among fashion professionals in winter 2022.

Cargo-style overalls are particularly popular among fashion professionals in winter 2022.

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Overalls are not just trendy summer pieces. Even in winter, stylish outfits can be conjured up with the trendy one-piece suits. That’s how it’s done.

Overalls are currently one of the most popular fashion trends on the social media platform TikTok. Because jumpsuits can’t only be worn in summer. A one-piece suit is also perfect for cold winter days – if you combine the right parts with it. That’s how it’s done!

Overalls in cargo style are particularly popular at the moment. It doesn’t matter whether it’s made of denim or another robust fabric. The main thing is that the trend piece has many pockets and is cut oversized. Influencer Linda Tol shows on Instagram how stylish and at the same time casual and comfortable this look can be. The long-sleeved jumpsuit can sit loosely in winter. Then a slightly thicker sweatshirt or warm merino underwear is guaranteed to fit underneath. The onion principle prevents unnecessary freezing.

Let it shine underneath!

If you want the basics underneath the overalls to show off, you can combine a classic, tight-fitting turtleneck sweater with the one-piece suit. The keyword here is: dopamine dressing! While the overall comes in a reserved blue or beige, it can shine brightly underneath. A turtleneck top in a bold trend color such as lavender, orange or lime green draws everyone’s attention.

Cozy upgrade for the jumpsuit

The other way to winterize the jumpsuit is to pair it with a stylish coat. How fitting that big coats are the trend in winter 2022. With an oversize coat made of wool or teddy fur, you can give your one-piece suit a cozy and warm upgrade. The rest of the accessories can also be played with a lot of colour. Wool hats, scarves and gloves in bright colors are currently the absolute trend pieces and put you in a good mood.

Overall in elegant

However, the overall trend is not only suitable for everyday wear. On Instagram, among others, model Alessandra Ambrosio (41) shows how to combine a jumpsuit in winter for a party. As part of Milan Fashion Week, she presented a dream in white by Alberta Ferreti.

The one-piece suit with long sleeves and a high collar is the perfect alternative to a party dress. In a jumpsuit made of flowing fabric you will be an eye-catcher at every celebration. In order for the look to be elegant, you should definitely pay attention to a monochrome outfit and the remaining accessories should be color-coordinated with the jumpsuit.


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