Organic farmer wants to force the combustion engine off

In a climate protection dispute between an organic farmer and the car company Volkswagen the Detmold district court will announce its decision on Friday how to proceed. With the lawsuit, farmer Ulf Allhoff-Cramer wants to force Volkswagen to reduce sales of cars with combustion engines in the coming years and stop them altogether in 2030. VW has moved to dismiss the complaint.

A dismissal of the lawsuit is possible, but unlikely. In fact, a court spokesman said it was "overwhelmingly likely" that the chamber would reopen the hearing on the revised motions and set a new hearing date.

The 62-year-old accuses the second largest car company in the world of being partly responsible for the "huge CO2 footprint". climate change and thereby jeopardize his business existence. Allhoff-Cramer sees this year's dry summer as further evidence of the devastating effects of climate change. According to him, his meadows have dried up so much that his cows can no longer graze sufficiently and therefore have to be given expensive feed. The summer "confirmed our worst fears," says the organic farmer.

Faster exit from production

The lawsuit is not about damages. Rather, the farmer wants to enforce that VW refrains from selling products with CO2 emissions much earlier than previously foreseeable. There is a similar lawsuit by VW before the Braunschweig Regional Court, which was filed by two Greenpeace directors and a Fridays for Future activist. The Detmold lawsuit is Greenpeace supported, the lawyer in both cases is Roda Verheyen. The lawyer is familiar with the matter: She also represents a Peruvian farmer who is suing the energy company RWE.

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