Order backlog in industry falls slightly

fiberglass manufacturing

Industry reported 5.3 percent fewer new orders in November than in the previous month.

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Wiesbaden The price-adjusted order backlog in manufacturing fell in November. According to preliminary information from the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) on Wednesday, there was a calendar and seasonally adjusted minus of 1.2 percent compared to the previous month.

“The decline is likely to be due, among other things, to falling orders and the recent relaxation of supply chains,” explained the Wiesbaden statisticians.

The economic expert Nils Jannsen from the IfW Kiel sees signs that the order backlog in industry is slowly beginning to crumble: “In November it is already falling for the second time in three months. The decisive factor is that incoming orders have fallen significantly, while industrial production has remained stable,” explained the economic researcher.

According to Destatis, incoming orders in November fell by 5.3 percent on the previous month, reaching their lowest level since July 2020. Reduced supply chain problems mean that orders can be processed more easily.

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Despite the decline, the order backlog is still at a high level according to Destatis: compared to November 2021, it was 3.1 percent higher after calendar adjustments.

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