Orchid named after Olaf Scholz

EAn Asian species of orchid now bears the name of the Federal Chancellor: the exotic plant was discovered during the visit of the SPD politician in Singapore Christened “Renanthera Olaf Scholz”. At a ceremony at Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s official residence on Monday, Scholz provided her with the appropriate name tag. He had previously said: “I didn’t become a politician now so that a plant would be named after me, to be honest. But I still feel honored.”

The orchid is the national plant of Singapore. It is customary in the Southeast Asian city-state to name an orchid species after the guest on state visits. There is already a “Dendrobium Angela Merkel” in honor of the ex-Chancellor and a “Dendrobium Frank-Walter Steinmeier” named after the Federal President.

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