Orangutan Bella celebrates 61st birthday

Obst cake for a record birthday: The probably oldest surviving Sumatran orangutan lady Bella celebrated her 61st anniversary on Tuesday in Hamburg. The cake, lovingly made by the feed master, is the famous senior of the Hagenbeck Zoo only receive it in the evening. The animal keepers did not come to the facility because one of the animals did not want to leave them, as district manager Tjark Rüther-Sebbel said on Tuesday.

“The tart is made of nicely cooked rice with bits of fruit sunk into it. Then spread with quark and decorate with pieces of kiwi. Our head feeder really gave it her all.”

On her birthday herself, Bella was in a good mood, as Rüther-Sebbel said. “You are fine today. She is happy and in the outdoor enclosure with all the other orangutans.” Seven orangutans live together in the zoo.

According to the district manager, the animals live to be between 40 and 50 years old in the wild. Since no animal older than Bella is known to the experts, she is considered to be the oldest living female orangutan in the world. According to the information, Bella came to Hagenbeck Zoo in 1964. Since then she has raised six of her own and three adopted children.

Bella still has three teeth and is doing really well for her age, explained Rüther-Sebbel. “It takes a little longer for her to get up because her bones are old. We try to keep her out of all the stress.” She often gets her food extra so she doesn’t have to assert herself against the young monkeys. Sweet fruit, boiled potatoes, boiled rice or semolina porridge with oatmeal are often on the elderly woman’s menu. “To give her a little extra energy.”

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