Opposition threatens to sue more video systems

Dhe plan by the black-green government coalition to make it easier to set up video cameras in public spaces could result in a case before the state court. This was announced by representatives of the opposition on Thursday in the Hessian state parliament. In a debate requested by the SPD, they criticized the interior minister's plan Peter Beuth (CDU) to tighten security laws.

As reported, the catalog of planned changes includes the possibility of installing cameras in the publicly accessible areas of airports, train stations, sports facilities, shopping centers and packing stations without any immediate and specific reason.

At these "particular danger points" the assumption that criminal offenses are imminent is regularly justified, according to the explanatory memorandum to the draft law, which the state parliament has so far only discussed in the first reading. In a hearing, this determination in particular met with serious constitutional concerns from experts from various law faculties in Germany. A concrete examination of the question of whether criminal offenses had been committed at the individual locations and were to be expected in the future was required.

SPD criticizes Beuth

In doing so, they set the direction of the criticism that Beuth was exposed to on Thursday. Once again he did not maintain the balance between the legitimate security interests and the freedom rights of the citizens, complained the group leader of the SPD, Gunter Rudolph. In doing so, the Minister grossly disregarded the fundamental right to informational self-determination.

The fact that Beuth is only marginally interested in such concerns can be seen from the fact that constitutional lawsuits are currently pending before the Hessian State Court in two other cases Rudolph. "But the fact that the Greens, who elsewhere like to present themselves as the party of civil rights, silently nod to all this - that's shocking."

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