Opportunity for an outstanding vintage in the Rheingau

Im Rheingau the main harvest has begun, and if it stays dry with moderate temperatures over the next few weeks, the winegrowers certainly have a chance of producing an outstanding vintage. This was reported by Weinbau President Peter Seyffardt on Monday in Oestrich-Winkel. According to Seyffardt, the quality of the grapes is already high and the yield has increased due to the recent rainfall. That’s why most farms started harvesting Riesling so early, especially as they want to avoid the risk that further rain will burst the grapes and lead to rot. Nevertheless, the winegrowers are facing major challenges, because due to climate change, there is a risk of water becoming scarce in the future. And production costs have already risen by around 20 percent due to the energy crisis.

“We have very healthy grapes,” said Seyffardt, adding: “This will be a vintage with moderate Riesling acidity, just as the market demands.” Riesling accounts for around 80 percent of all grape varieties grown in the Rheingau. According to the winegrowing president, the must weights currently average around 80 Oechsle, and the vintage is roughly at the level of 2018. But, Seyffardt continues, a rethink has started, especially among younger winegrowers. The must weight is no longer the all-determining feature, because it is increasingly about ripe and healthy grapes. He also went on to say that the aroma was very good this year.

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