Opel partner Segula cuts every sixth job

fIG Metall and the automotive service provider have almost three months Segula Automotive struggled for the future of its Rüsselsheim engineering location – now the result is clear: the Opel partner is cutting 100 jobs. As union secretary Daniel Bremm told the FAZ, 501 full-time positions will remain. Most recently, Segula had 660 full-time jobs locally, with 750 employees distributed among them. The company originally wanted to cut 260 jobs.

Thorsten Winter

Correspondent for the Rhein-Main-Zeitung for central Hesse and the Wetterau.

The reason for the job cuts is that the costs are too high compared to the value of the orders. That also has to do with the report Opel and the Stellantis group, to which the Rüsselsheim car manufacturer belongs. Accordingly, there were still no orders from their ranks in early autumn. There was talk of a volume in the low to mid double-digit millions in euros measured against the previously agreed framework. This was estimated at 270 million euros.

Qualification for e-mobility

Most of the employees had moved from Opel to the German subsidiary of the French family group Segula. That’s about three years ago. Since the change, the developer, who was previously hardly represented on the German market, has not really found its feet. This was also due to the economic disadvantages resulting from the corona pandemic. Key word: disrupted supply chains. In addition, Segula has so far been geared towards combustion engines and has only been switching towards e-mobility since this year.

As Bremm said, 100 employees switched to a transfer company in December. According to him, 50 more engineers are to be made fit for e-mobility with the help of the employment agency. A year is allotted for this.

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