On to the next failure – sport

So, first news from the Olympic front: Germany is again an Olympic bidder. That means not officially yet. In the DOSB speech it says: After a unanimous decision by the general meeting, a process begins in which it is checked whether, and if so, when and with whom one can imagine a candidacy, in order to have an official one after a successful referendum in autumn 2024 to submit a candidacy to the IOC. Or something like that. Freely translated: Germany would like to have the summer games in 2036.

And so to the second piece of news from the Olympic front: Qatar is also an Olympic bidder. That means not officially either. But it is no coincidence that inclined circles force the topic. The application has been in the works for two decades. Now the soccer World Cup can be sold as a success, organized sport and global political reality are on the side of the gas autocracy. It is impossible for Jacques Rogge, as in the noughties, to see an IOC President stop the request in good time. The current head of the rings, Thomas Bach, was with the Emir only in the spring. Qatar’s representatives then rejoiced that the Olympic dream was closer than ever.

Hands up, who believes in Germany as the host of the 2036 Games? And the cross-check: Who believes in Qatar as the organizer?

German sport has experienced in the Olympic world how little its status is

It is bitter to see how the notorious “Sports Germany” plunges into the next Olympic adventure. Seven attempts have failed, the last only last year, but it’s starting again. First win the “home game” (convince your own population), then the “away game” (win the IOC), is the motto. One does not even know which of these two undertakings seems more absurd.

The audience has recently said no to games twice, to Munich 2022 and Hamburg 2024. That was before the energy crisis and inflation dominated the political agenda. Now an Olympic application (along with its high costs) fits even less into the picture – by the way, apart from the critical society as a whole, not even in the actual sports area. At the base, clubs fear for their existence, and the DOSB? Invest properly in an Olympics staff position. What hasn’t changed since the people said no: the questionable behavior of the IOC, a core argument for the rejection.

In the Olympic world, on the other hand, German sport has learned how little its status is. This is no coincidence, because for decades German interests in the world of rings were synonymous with the career plan of Thomas Bach – who, coincidentally, really became IOC boss. Also, at the latest in the course of the international advertising campaign, it would no longer be possible to show how the DOSB wants to convey why there should be German Summer Games again just 100 years after the Nazi Games in Berlin. Any Qatari (or any other) rival would be rightly outraged. The gold medal in the discipline “failed Olympic bids” makes Germany not disputed.

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