OMV boss Alfred Stern: “Price limits can give wrong signals” – Economy

The boss of the Austrian energy company OMV, Alfred Stern, urgently warns of the planned gas price cap. He calls for savings incentives – and explains why gas continues to come from Russia.

Interviewed by

Caspar Buses

Alfred Stern, 57, has a spectacular view of the whole of Vienna from the top floor of the OMV high-rise. The man from Styria has been the boss of the largest company in Austria for a good year: 22,000 employees, 36 billion euros in sales, record profits. OMV operates around 1800 filling stations in ten European countries and is active in the oil and gas business. Stern’s predecessor, Rainer Seele, had to go after scandals, the new one was in the middle of the big ones energy crisis accepted.

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