Olympic application is sought after European Championships

DThe heroes of Saturday were Lea Meyer and Bo Kanda Lita Baehre. The stage was set for them and they played it with flying colors. In the last competition of the evening, in which Gesa Krause should have put the final point of the evening, the steeplechase runner confidently followed in the footsteps of the absent two-time European champion and, with deafening jubilation, made winning the silver medal a joint effort.

“The crowds carried me,” she enthused, improving her best time by ten seconds. Pole vaulter Lita Baehre charged frantically towards the curve with his audience after flying 5.85 meters and threw his muscular arms in the air. He was also carried by the enthusiasm of the thousands upon thousands, he tried almost boldly to be carried by the enthusiasm to more than 5.95 meters and the apparently weightless Armand Duplantis to be surpassed, who flew 6.06 meters.

triumph of the athletes

The magical Tuesday with the title wins of the sprinter Gina Lückenkemper and the decathlete Niklas Kaul as well as the medals for the discus throwers Christin Pudenz and Claudine Vita, the magical Thursday on which Konstanze Klosterhalfen won gold over 5000 meters and Tobias Potye silver in the high jump, Saturday, where the hearts of the German audience belonged to Lea Meyer and Bo Kanda Lita Baehre, and the Finished on Sunday evening with gold for javelin thrower Julian Weber and the women’s sprint relay – the success of this European Athletics Championships as comprehensive European Championshipswhich turned all of Munich into an Olympic Park, was as much a triumph of athletes as it was of direction.

Before her arrival in the middle of the week, she watched the championships on television, Lea Meyer said: “I had goosebumps. I cried in front of the screen. And the athletes told me: the audience carries you and when you can’t go on, they push you.” That’s how it happened. At the European Championships, yes, there is no competition from Jamaica and America, from Africa and Asia.

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